VIOLET.NET is a worldwide telecommunication systems & solutions provider operating since 2016 in the market. The company is a sub-brand from Netcom, a company that started operating in 2007 with 9 employees, providing telecommunication services and equipments to address internal needs. In 2016, Netcom became a holding company and the telecommunications business unit became a sub-brand under the name The company focuses on providing communications, information and entertainment products and services to its costumers. which also includes Wireless and Wireline. The Wireless section provides a different variety of products and services, including wireless voice and document services and product sales, to its costumers. The Wireline sections provides multimedia communication products and services, such as broadband and data, corporate solutions. provides these products and services globally, The Company provides voice, data and video services and solutions on its wireless and wireline networks.



We always look for the easiest and fastest method of communications to reach the ones we need to communicate with for any reason whatsoever, And we always look for the closest information service provider to update us with the latest news and informations. Communication based electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers became that easy and fast source of communication and information nowadays. is a new sub-brand of Netcome that provides telecommunication systems & solutions, the company entered the market in 2016 competing with many strong providers, The company needed a strong identity that can be recognized and appreciated by the costumers, the challenge was to create a brand that can create loyalty for the new company costumers and can be differentiated from the other brands by representing the company unique values and goals.



When working on the concept, I derived from the core meaning of communication - that is to reflect our appreciation of a the idea of connection, simplicity, respect and admiration. I found our inspiration in an abstract shape that represents the idea of communication and movement. Thus, brand concept was created, where each branded item, was meant to serve a different side of the company values keeping the same spirit of the brand, but completing the brand story in a unique way, which makes it inspiring and unforgettable.



In addition to creating the brand main elements, I have also worked on developing the brand language to reflect different sides of the brand taking in consideration keeping the same look and feel of it, The new development has shown a great flexibility of the primary created brand elements.