I am a Designer and an Artist who Believes in the Power of Design Thinking.

I am a problem-solver who creates with no fear.


Use the arrows to move and the space key to shoot

I started my career during my university study as a graphic designer at one of the biggest agencies at that time, I found myself working with many clients on complex branding projects.

Visually appealing designs, subtle details and brand guidelines combined to innovative design application became my daily companion, After several years of experience in the branding field i was promoted to the senior level, then moved to work for other branding agencies around the world. In 2016 I established my own design studio in Trondheim, Norway hoping to become a leader in the branding field in the city.

Art & Calligraphy

My passion towards design and art didn't stop in the branding field, on my own free time i created digital art. Using my personal style i have exhibited my artworks many times in different places around the world such as : London, Hungry, Slovenia, USA, Romania, Birut, Jakarta, Dubai, Qatar, etc ....



Calligraphy and typography systems became my passion since it was introduced to me during my university study, I became obsessed with creating logotypes and typefaces in order to improve myself, and now after many years of experience i am very proud of the detailed calligraphy and typography i produce.


Adobe Certification & Teaching

On the other side of the creative field, I managed to obtain the adobe certified expert title after succeeding the Adobe Softwares exams, which opened the door for me to teach these design softwares in my own studio.

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UI Design

Brands don't only communicate through prints, but also on digital platforms, every branding project I worked on during my career included transforming the brand to become live on the these platforms.


Contact Me

Email : abdelalhm@gmail.com

Phone : +47 48382748 / +962 788889964

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